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19 January 2011


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Congrats Kris! Very exciting for you both.


FAIL - Cris. :)


Thank you so much! We are really excited.

Tami Holland (DeWitt)

Cris, this is Tami Holland (DeWitt)! Funny story but for some odd reason you came into my head today,so naturally I googled you! :) I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! how exciting! I'm so happy for you and am glad life is treating you well! Would love to catch up, if you're on facebook add me!


TAMI! So sweet to "hear" from you - I'm not on Facebook but I'll email you. Thanks for the congrats!

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I'm Cris Stone and I live in San Antonio, Texas (by way of Salcha, Alaska) with my husband, daughter, baby boy, and cat. I love french fries, cold weather, and sleeping.

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