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01 July 2011


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Allie H

ok, I'm completely, 100% addicted to your blog. Maybe that makes me a bit of a stalker. The good kind, I hope.

But geeez - we haven't even gotten engaged yet, and the wedding pressure is ON. Mom HAS to go dress shopping with me. We HAVE to get married in FL. We HAVE to do this, or that. I'm completely overwhelmed, and honestly have no idea what I really want to do for the whole wedding thing. I know, I know. BREATHE. And figure it out. it's my day dadgumit!


When people started telling me what I HAD to do for my wedding, I'd very sweetly tell them that the only thing that I HAD to do was get a license and visit city hall.

Shuts most people up.

P.S. Laura's book really is an excellent source of stress-free, practical advice for staying sane while planning your wedding. Check it out!

Allie H

I am so using the "license and city hall" comment. thanks Cris!

also, found the book on Kindle, so it's mine, mine, all MINE!


Yay! I know you'll love it!

Laura Pepper

Thanks so much for this interview Cris! I was thrilled to take part.
Allie, I hope you find the book useful! Don't let anyone make you feel pressured - learn how to dodge uncomfortable questions and demands (you'll start to get good at this!) and keep in mind that there are no rules. No one should make you feel as if things HAVE to be a certain way. You'll hear it a million times - it's YOUR day!!


Loved having you, Laura! Such good advice and insights. Thank you!

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