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    I'm excited to share my ideas on creating the wedding of your dreams on an affordable budget.

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28 December 2011


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Rogue Bride

I just bumped into a professional wedding makeup artist in Solvang, and if I'm not too hammered with this glass of Syrah I'm imbibing, I'll go back and ask her for you. Seems like a fun project. :D

Rogue Bride

Strange, I posted her answer a few hours ago and it ain't here. Let me know if I should try again or whether it got stuck in the spam file.

Lacey Wisniewska

There's plenty of those plumping lip glosses that can be light or dark and not look as harsh as lipstick. Putting those on top of a lip stain (gives you nice color without worrying about lipstick smearing on everything).

That being said, you have amazing features at your advantage - focus on your gorgeous eyes and impeccable cheekbones with smokey eyes and a nice blush, and no one will even notice your lips.

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