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02 February 2012


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First, don't ever worry that we're tired of hearing you deal with your Dad's passing. He was and is a huge part of your life. And this blog is about you and your life. So it's only expected. We support you in your weight loss, and in your mourning of your father.

Second... does muscle count toward body fat %? Because the volume of 1 lb of muscle is less than 1 lb of fat... but if your measurements are the same, then maybe you gained more than a pound of muscle? Like, you lost 1 lb of fat, (so you were at 139.2) and gained 1.8 lbs of muscle? So it took up more space than the fat, because there was more of it, so your measurements stayed the same. And the body fat % went down because it was muscle, not fat. I tried thinking through it mathematically, and I'm not sure how the fat/muscle really works out...


I'm feeling kind of the same. Right before the holidays I wrote my weight on our fridge thinking I would lose about 1 lb per week and I could continue logging it. Well it still says 11/24 - 124 (I'm 5'1) because I literally have not lost a pound since. Yeah that was fine and dandy to maintain through the holidays, but the holidays are long gone and my first wedding dress fitting is on Tuesday and the wedding is in less than 2 months. Don't think any of this stopped me from eating portuguese fried dough last night at dinner either. I have had a lot of the same realizations you did and I basically need to accept that I can't have my cake and eat it too.

Janna (Sparkly Love)

There are plenty of reasons for why your weight could go up while your body fat went down. How are you measuring body fat? Do you always measure at the same time of day? Measuring BF before a workout vs. after can alter the results. So can measuring before eating vs. after eating. You carry water weight. Women can hold 2-4 additional lbs of water weight during their period (that's a real thing). Muscle does weigh more than fat, and the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism is and the more fat you burn throughout the day (not just during workouts). So the more muscle you build, the less body fat you'll have, but some weeks these numbers will equal each other out. When I was working with my personal trainer he said that obviously you want to lose weight, but your body fat is a more accurate count of your success and health. You should not focus on the number on the scale, but rather how your clothes are fitting and your body fat (when recorded with a very accurate machine and always under the same conditions). At 5'5 you are probably within the healthy weight range for your height already and will need to start focusing more on toning now anyways.

With ALL that said... you look freaking fabulous. So just keep doing what you're doing!!!!!!!

Amanda {The Uncrafter}

I agree with everyone above me. The exact same thing happened to me over the summer! (Before I went back to school, and gained it all back, of course) I lost what felt/looked like 5 pounds. I felt healthier, and definitely skinnier. But the scale told me I had gained 1 pound! I was dumbfounded. I've learned that the scale shouldn't tell me how I feel about myself, the mirror and how my clothes fit should. All in all, be proud of your self because you're doing more than most people do in their quest for fitness...getting off the couch! Congrats on your success so far, Cris! :)


So, thanks all for your sweetness and support! It's so nice to blabber on about my fitness struggles and have others jump in and share their struggles, too - makes it a little easier to forgive myself when I make poor decisions.

And my consult with Hot Patrick was amazing! Y'all I learned SO much and got such amazing feedabck from him! So excited to meet with hima agin on Wednesday and look over his ideas for me. And... y'all know that I'll be sharing all that with you on the next Fitness Friday. Until then, hook up with me on MFP and we'll chat.


I highly recommend a trainer. After working out on my own for 8 years (I am 38) I got one in January and I love it. I do 30 minutes, twice a week with him. In between I do cardio and my own weight training. With the trainer I do free weights and machines and he pushes me and encourages me. He rarely lets me change to lower weight if I am struggling and instead will "help" me lift or whatever it is I am doing. I was only going to sign up for 1 month but I decided that this is my gift to me and I am going to stick with him through the winter and stop in May when I should be completely rocking in my bikini. :-)

P.S. Like your stats lately, I have lost maybe 1 pound but I have lost 6% body fat. I am 5'8, 140 lbs and 24% fat. I have small bones and I am not looking to lose weight but to tone.


I think it's important to remember WHY you are losing weight. Being skinny is nice, but it's really not a good enough reason to motivate you during the tough times. I think your focus should be on getting healthier. Especially since our expectations of what we will look like when we lose weight, and what we actually look like when we lose that weight don't always match up. That's how I've been able to lose weight.

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