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27 April 2012


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Ashley {BlushLoveWed}

You are awesome!! I think if Hot Patrick motivates you, you should stick with him. And I don't know about The Boy, but my honey drives me crazy because I have to work 100 times harder than him to lose weight and he just decides one day he wants to get in shape, two weeks later he is down 10 pounds!!!

Keep up the good work!! You are real life motivation for us all!! :)

Jen M

As a bride getting married this summer, I am totally with you on the "get fit" train. I wanted to high five you when you posted how your dress fits! That's awesome :)

As for the fitness and diet tips, I'm sure you already know, but breakfast is important! That was my hardest lesson to learn, along with portion control. Now, I don't think I've ever been such a fan of oatmeal!

As for the diet you posted, it worries me that it says "do this at your own risk". Also, it sounds like you could be a bit, there's no delicate way to say this, "gassy" with this diet. That's a lot of fiber, girl!

I would encourage you to keep eating clean and working out. Go visit Hot Patrick as a treat to keep you motivated. And if The Boy is anything like mine, try not to be mad when he drops 15 pounds in a blink!

Keep it up!

Rogue Bride

Cris - if you do that crazy diet, I'll do it with you. I need to lose another five soon, at least! Let me know and we'll set a date. I don't know about Banana day though, lol, that's gonna be tough to swallow.


I'm intrigued by that diet as well. I would totally do it with you also. We could have a crazy diet support group... :)

Robyn Peirce

This diet is interesting and I was thinking about doing a cleanse next week but is there a vegetarian version? Sorry to hear of the loss of Hot Patrick. Personally I use at home videos to work out and haven't explored the personal trainer avenue. I think that if you know you don't like the trainers in your gym then it isn't worth your time working with them. Do stuff at home and then go see HP when you can.


Ashley - I will be SUPER PISSED if The Boy loses all his extra weight in the next month.

I know. Totally supportive.




I was also concerned the healthiness of it so I've actually been doing a "soft version" of it this past week. I've been trying to do the fruits only and veggies only days - it's worked suprisingly well. Not starving. Totally full. Not shaky.

What concerns me most are the banana/milk days and the turkey/tomato days. Don't think I can make it on those calories.

Also, I'm not working out hard the week I do this plan - too few calories versus too much caloric burn = sad, shaky Cris. I'll totally pull the cardio back and use lighter weights.

And the gas... well, I have my own office at work and a man at how who is owned some.



Karina - Rogue Bride,

How does the 10th through the 16th sound? That is the best week for me.


Oh crap. Looked at the wrong month! How does the 7th through the 14th sound?



Don't know about a veg version. Click through the link underneath the image and see if that site has a version. Keep me posted!

Elizabeth Fairchild

I'd follow Hot Patrick, he sounds like he's a good fit for motivating you, and that's hard to find in a personal trainer or any other type of training. I think it's worth the drive if you've found someone you click with. As for that diet, I think I'd die on a day of fruits alone, but mixing it up with veggies would be more healthy, and probably cause similar results. :) Luv ya!


Cris--those dates work for me!! (yes, the second set...) :)


Definitely trying this next week. It's my birthday on Thursday so I won't suffer but I really need a jump start. I was doing well but I'm plateauing again with bad food choices.

I saw that you can swap tofu or fish for the "fowl" days which is what I'll do. I'm more concerned about being tempted by other food...

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