Wedding Candy: Chic, Glam, and Affordable Wedding Decor

One of my all-time favorite bloggers is the ultra chic and ultra lovely Cassandra LaValle of coco+kelley. Her lifestyle/fashion/home decor blog was one of the very first I ever became a devoted follower of because of her effortless ability to pair upscale glamour with downtown style. Also, she's one of my favorite people on Twitter because we like to joke about getting married and having her design a fabulous, glittery, lush, glam wedding. But why wait, right?

Wedding Candy: Chic, Glam, and Affordable Wedding Decor

Wedding Candy Chic Glam and Affordable
Images Courtesy of: Natalie SpencerApryl Ann PhotographyVitalic PhotoThe CaketressKatie McGihon PhotographyDanielle Capito, and Love Katie + Sarah

*1. TFNC Sequin Dress with Long Sleeves.
*2. Bridal Musings – Gold Spray Painted Animals DIY.
*3. Clear plate, Gold Charger, and Striped Napkin.
*4. Edible Gold Paint Wedding Cake with Sugar Peonies.
*5. Gold and Black Velvet Ribbon Bouquet Sash.
*6. Chandelier.
*7. Elegant Long Wedding Gown.

So, what of it Tulle Nation? Are any of you glamming it up for your wedding? What colors would you use? Lots of gold? Would you wear a gold sequin wedding gown? Do tell!

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