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08 October 2012


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This is some great advice and tips.

My problem is that my dear, lovely husband would scoff at that list. One time we were talking about chores and he said it's ridiculous that I expect the kitchen counters to be wiped down once a week. When I told him I really wanted them to be wiped down every day, he laughed at me. LAUGHED. Causing me to cry into my pancakes, a typical way we end conversations about cleaning. What I need major help with is getting our ideas of "clean" on the same page, or even library.


That, m'dear, is when you call in the big guns - CALL HIS MOTHER. Ask her why she only cleans her counters once a week. When she asks you why in the HELL you'd ever think that - just tell her you assumed that since her son felt that why that she had taught him.

Watch how fast ol' momma whoops him into shape.


Girl, I already told him that. I said we'll ask his mom and sister what their cleaning habits are when we visit for Christmas (if I don't strangle him before then). Her house is immaculate so I know he didn't get his strange ideas from her.

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