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16 October 2012


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Rachel Diez

I want to do one so badly because I wasn't happy with my wedding photos. The trouble is they can be expensive to do another shoot, we would have to rent a suit again AND I can't get my boy to agree to it!! I LOVE the idea though!! So cute! You can never get enough pictures in your wedding gown with your hubby! :)


Rachel - do one on your own! Lots of people are doing it. OR just watch romcoms while wearing it.

Rachel Diez

Haha yeah either of those works! Lol. I'm actually a photographer so my standards are possibly higher than the average bride but idk. I'm def trying to get him to do it... We only have three pictures after the ceremony of just him and I! I need more to adorn my house ! Haha


Better than mine - The Boy immediately changed into a T-shirt and shorts (but kept on the dress socks and shoes) for the reception...

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