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    I'm excited to share my ideas on creating the wedding of your dreams on an affordable budget.

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10 October 2012


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Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife

hmmm... I will have to check out amazon. I already bought my wedding band and love it but my fiance doesn't want anything that cost a fortune and I'm sure it will probably get ruined a million times at softball!


Danielle, We were looking at getting The Boy a ring off Amazon (before we ended up DIYing one: http://su.pr/350JvF) because he's a high-voltage electrician and can't wear one anyway - so why spend money on it, right?


If nothing else, it's good for a cheap one to wear while traveling or whatnot.


I just ordered both of ours on Etsy (hers in sterling silver plated in gold with a small diamond and mine in 14K white with a row of diamonds) and they cost less than $300...combined. I know, right?! My engagement ring is also from Etsy and it was $500 for a huge aquamarine with a diamond halo (also white gold) so I'd definitely say give Etsy a shot, too.


Good to know! Thanks, Jenny!

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