10 Wedding Songs to Bring Your New Family Together

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Sometimes, I get the sweetest requests for help from Tulle Nation (did you know that you can write to me and ask for help with your wedding issues?)!

10 Wedding Songs to Bring Your New Family Together

This one is from Paul, whose daughter will be marrying her girlfriend this summer. From Paul:

“I am a gay male whose life-partner has a lesbian daughter. She will be getting married to her life-partner this Fall.

My partner and his daughter have a song chosen for their first dance (I Loved Her First by Heartland).

Her partner's father will not be attending the wedding, and she has requested that, in lieu of her father, that I do a first dance with her separate of the one with my partner and his daughter.

Naturally, I accepted, but we cannot think of an appropriate song choice for this situation.

I have listened to the songs you have posted on your website, but find that they are mostly geared to father-daughter relationships; as I've only know her for a few years, these songs aren't really appropriate.

I am hoping you will know/think of some appropriate songs for this situation and that you can help me (us) out.”

Well, Paul, after I picked myself up off the floor crying from how wonderful people in this world can be, I went out and found you 10 songs that I think would be awesome for your situation.

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Cris Stone, offers wedding song suggestions for a blended family. Find out more!

They have more of a “welcome to the family” theme to them which I think would be perfect!

Check them out:

The Judds – Love Can Build A Bridge

Some powerful lyrics in this one and a great reminder that families are built and don't just happen.

Jim Rule – A Family is What You Make It

A song meant to celebrate the true meaning of a family – that love is what matters.

Rascal Flatts – My Wish

Not 100% about being a family but definitely the kind of thing that a family hopes and dreams for the ones they love.

Dolly Parton – Family

Okay, so this one's VERY pointed but, hey, if you're looking to make a statement…

Phil Collins – You'll be in My Heart

A wonderful song about always being there for someone even when the world is fighting against them.

Rent – Seasons of Love

An extraordinary song from an extraordinary musical.

Sister Sledge – We Are Family

Ya know… if you wanna have some fun!

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Another song that totally appropriate for anyone becoming a new family.

Brother Bear (Melissa Etheridge) – Welcome to This Day

A song that literally talks about inviting someone into the family.

Thanks for writing in, Paul! I hope one of theses songs works for you. 

Planning your reception music? Here's some unique father/daughter song options, fantastic mother/son options, and great first dance ideas for gay/lesbian couples.

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