15 Budget Wedding Tips from Top Wedding Bloggers

So, you're planning a wedding? Congratulations! It can be so much fun, so much stress, and SO MUCH MONEY… but only if you let it. I am living proof that you can have a lovely wedding for $5,000 if you just take the time to do some research and consider the advice of people who have been-there, done-that. And  on that note, I've rounded up 15 budget wedding tips from top wedding bloggers to help you get started!

15 Budget Wedding Tips from Top Wedding Bloggers

“My essential budget wedding tip is really consider your guest list. Massive savings can be made on the cost per head – so only invite people you really, really want to be there. If lots of guests are a priority to you, consider planning a DIY type wedding where all your guests bring a dish, have a bake-off for the desserts and don't have planned seating. Loads of money to be saved there.” – Sonia, Want That Wedding

“Ask questions and research well. Deals and discounts exist but may not be always lying on the surface. Your vendors might have those options, so ask! Ask them of their current promotions and discounts and find ways to make them work for you. Good things come to those who ask.” – Gee, Knotsvilla

“Skip the favors! Your guests won't miss them. But if you're set on having favors, make them edible, like a late night treat. I went to a wedding where guests were given whoopie pies as they left. We ate them on the way back to our hotel! Best wedding favor ever.” – Mindy, Budget Fairy Tale

“Think outside the box! Unorthodox venues like restaurants, parks and theaters can make for a stunning setting without costing a ton. Often you'll have to decorate less or schlep in less and you still get the beautiful and fun event you want.” – Christen, The Broke Ass Bride

“Ask if payment plans are available. A lot of independent small wedding business owners are very happy to accommodate payment plans when asked (especially as it helps them budget better for the year!). I was very grateful for my wedding vendors who gave this option to me. It helped me significantly when I was on a pretty tight teacher's salary!” – Chelsea, Tidewater and Tulle

“Share you budget with your vendors. Keeping it “a secret” doesn't help you, it can actually hurt you. If your wedding pros know your budget; they can make suggestions within your price range to help you achieve dream look.” – Anna, Marry Me Tampa Bay

“Skip the ceremony programs and menu cards. More often than not, these items are left behind. Your money is better spent elsewhere!” – Victoria, Burgh Brides

“Consider greenery- especially herbs if your floral budget is tight, they look (and smell) amazing.” – Dorothy, Polka Dot Bride

“Think of doing your wedding on an off day. Saturday's are typically the most expensive day to get married. Why not do a Friday or Thursday night cake and champagne wedding reception or even a Sunday morning/brunch.” – Shafonne, Pretty Pear Bride

“Go vintage! Vintage wedding dresses are a fabulous way to get a one of a kind dress on a budget! And you will be amazed what beautiful vintage serveware, crockery, cutlery and decor your friends and loved ones have tucked away if you ask!” – Amy, Chic Vintage Brides

“Beware the little things – There are so many gorgeous extra touches you can include in your day, but the costs tend to add up very quickly! From custom stamps to personalised napkins, these are the things that are best kept on the wish list until you’ve organised all of the big ticket items.” – Danielle, The Wedding Playbook

“I'm all for getting two purposes out of one item. For example – skip the place cards and have them become the tags on your wedding favors. You get to dress up each place setting (or your escort card table) with your pretty favor and the name tag serves as the place card for your wedding guest.” – Brenda, Brenda's Wedding Blog

“Most brides think that hiring a wedding planner is something that they can't afford, but… a planner can help you manage your budget, and he/she has established relationships with vendors and knows which ones will give you quality work for your price range. A planner can also help you think through where and how to cut costs such as choosing in season flowers or more budget friendly food options.” – Jennifer, Hill City Bride

“Try doing a signature cocktail that you and your fiance’ come up with along with the bartender. That 1 drink will be served all night as opposed to having a full service bar with wine, liquor and other alcohol.” – Danielle Taylor, Chic Brown Bride

“Consider the number of your bridal party carefully. The more bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, the more you spend on hair and make up, clothing, shoes, transport, accessories, bouquets and boutonnieres. People often don't think of this and go ahead with 5+ bridesmaids/groomsmen and it jacks up all the costs!” Sandra, Simply Peachy

Which of these tips are you planning to use for your wedding?

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