Easiest DIY Personalized Cookie Favors EVER.

So one of my very favorite favors (hee.) at weddings are the ones that involve food. Any food is great… but frosted sugar cookies are IT for me and they can look so chic, too!

Image Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

So what to do if you want this particular homemade touch at your wedding but are not very good at baking and/or decorating? Why, just use this most excellent (and cutely printable – scroll down for it) Cream Cheese Sugar Cookie recipe and this fab mini-tutorial all about frosting said sugar cookies as guides. For the instructions on creating the "stamped" monogram look above, click here.

The greatest thing about sugar cookies as favors is that they are supremely inexpensive and can be made months beforehand (and frozen). Involve others in the frosting and it becomes a fun pre-wedding activity!