Stop and Smell the Roses (or Ginger or Ylang Ylang…)

The Big Day can leave even the best of us feeling overwhelmed and nervous. One way to quickly calm yourself down and breathe a little easier is to use aromatherapy. There are several ways to enjoy aromatherapy: scented candles, oils, or even the actual wedding day flowers. Whichever method you select, be sure to take a moment and breathe deeply to enjoy the restorative effects of aromatherapy.


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Lavender: This soft, powdery scent is considered the most soothing of all smells.


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Vanilla: Thought by many to be a comforting smell due to its association with baking and home.


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Ginger: The scent of ginger is thought to relax, reduce tension, and eliminate anxiety.


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Lemon: This scent is closely linked to energizing properties and is often used to calm nerves.


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Chamomile: The English have know for centuries that chamomile tea is the perfect way to relax people.


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Sandalwood: Sandalwood is often associated with meditation. The same properties make it good for any type of peace-inducing aromatherapy. Sandalwood has a warm and woody scent that has great depth; it is especially nice when paired with rose for a fragrant and relaxing combination.


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Bergamot: Used primarily as an anti-depressant, this scent is scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and stress-related disorders.


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Ylang ylang: This light and refreshingly floral scent is said to inspire balance and calm.