Inexpensive Options: Mason Jars

Mason jars (or Ball jars or Kerr jars. They are all the same thing – just made by different companies) are all the rage at weddings these days. And why not? They'll affordable, reusable, pretty, and versatile. I've seen them used to house centerpieces, aisle decorations, bouquets during the reception, as drinking glasses, as favors, as serving bowls… really, the list is endless.

What I love best about Mason jars is that they look amazing when left alone and lovely when done-up with minor decorative bits (like in the image below):

062811 a 

Image Courtesy of: Live Creating Yourself

I also like how, when Mason jars are used in centerpieces, the jars are so great-looking that the actual centerpiece can be super minimal (as seen below):

062811 b 

Image Courtesy of: Bravo Bride

I'm planning to use Mason jars in my wedding (we already use them as drinking glasses at Casa De Crap) and have been lucky enough to find them at thrift stores and garage sales for pennies on the dollar (I'm in canning country, y'all). But what about those of you having problems finding them for a reasonable price in your hometowns? I'm here for you – here's a little round-up of the bestest prices that I could find for assorted Mason jars around the interwebs:

So, Tulle Nation – will you be incorporating Mason jars into your wedding? How so? Did you score a deal on yours? Or are you just plain tired already of those damn canning jars? Do tell.