5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Videographer

In today's 5 for 5, I'm offering suggestions on how to save money on the wedding videographer (On the 5th day of every month, I share a downloadable infographic with my Top Five Budget Tips for a specific facet of wedding planning).

Hope this helps y'all find your perfect, budget-friendly wedding officiant! (click the image below for a free PDF!):

Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Videographer

Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Videographer

  1. Opt for one camera instead of two. Cutting down on the number of cameras used could remove the cost of an assistant or additional equipment fees.
  2. Cut back on the hours. Decide what’s most important to you to have video of and pay for only those hours (i.e. skip the pre-wedding stuff and opt only for the ceremony and beginning of the reception).
  3. Ask for an unedited DVD. If you are willing to do the editing, it could save you loads of money.
  4. Skip the fancy artsy stuff. If you cut out the fancy special effects, dissolves, and music – you could save a lot of money (again, labor costs).
  5. Don’t get the extras. Skip the pre-done love story, the babies/children slideshow, etc. Request a straight up wedding package and move on.

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