Melanie at 7 Months

Melanie is seven months old and killin' it baby-style! She sleeps pretty regularly during the day, she plays by herself, and she's eating lots of different foods. So, here's a seven month update for y'all (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 7 Months

You crawl! Everywhere!
You cut 6 teeth in one week and have 10 altogether.
You play so well by yourself.
You are napping during the day on a regular basis.
You have a lovey now. It is a yellow lab puppy from Ikea that we call Melvin.
Your hair is starting to grow.
You love eating butternut squash, pears, and sweet potatoes best.
You can sit in a shopping cart and in the Big Girl part of your stroller.
You love tipping your elephant toy over and climbing on it to play the music.
You are allergic to avocados.
Mommy's favorite thing with you is when you kiss her with your mouth open.
Daddy's is feeding you every night and reading you a bedtime story.
You love when we call your belly button a BeBoh.

We just love you.

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