Melanie at 8 Months

Melanie is eight months old and we are SO completely enjoying her. She is still killin' it with trying out new foods, is much better about doing daytime naps routinely, and trying to figure out how to walk. Here's an eighth month update for y'all because I know you love them (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 8 Months

You are pulling yourself up to standing and walking down the side of the couch.
Right now, a stack of DVDs and a wooden spoon to beat them with is the BEST TOY EVER.
You love it when Caira sleeps on top of you at night.
You still want to sleep in our bed every night.
You are fitting in nine month clothes.
You are starting to watch TV.
You are eating chunkier food like squash stew, quinoa, and lamb.
You love to go to HEB with us and have Melvin buckled into the seat next to you.
You have started collecting things and putting them inside containers.
You can use your pincer motion now and chewed on your first buck stick.
Mommy's favorite thing is hearing your laughter and baby babble.
Daddy's is when, after your bath time, we put a towel hide around the corner to surprise him.
You have the best toothy smile.

We just love you.

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