Melanie at 9 Months

We've made it to the 3/4 mark, y'all! Melanie is nine months old and killin' it baby-style. She has mastered the pincer-fingers and is feeding herself, has a favorite TV show, and interacting with the dog and cat better. Here's an ninth month update for y'all because I know you love them (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 9 Months

You are starting to let go of things and trying to stand up alone.
Right now, you are chewing on board books like it is your job.
You love Hank and are learning to pat him.
You are sitting up in your bath ring in the tub and playing with rubber duckies.
You are using a cup with a straw.
Your favorite TV show is Little Einsteins.
You are using your fingers to eat everything! Your favorites are chicken, broccoli, and Cheerios.
You love people watching when we go to the store or out to eat.
You insist on turning yourself around in shopping carts so you are facing all the action.
You can do high fives, pat your legs to a rhythm, and wave bye bye.
Mommy's favorite thing is hearing you tell people Bye Bye.
Daddy's is helping you eat French fries.
You have the best sense of humor.

We just love you.

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