Melanie at 10 Months

10 months, y'all! Melanie nearing the one year mark and getting more awesome every day. She is trying to walk, frequently gets stuck under stuff, and giving high fives like a pro. Here's a ten month update for y'all because I know you love them (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photobook featuring her first year):

Melanie at 10 Months

You can stand up alone for a few seconds but then sit down because you are scared.
Right now, you are such an amazing eater and will only eat food that you can pick up yourself.
You hate green peas.
You are starting to walk if we hold your hands and walk with you.
You got to go to your first baseball game in Dallas and loved it.v Your favorite thing right now is to eat snacks while sitting in your high chair on the porch.v You are cute when you give people high fives.
You have the best sense of humor and laugh at funny things that happen on TV.
You love riding in your new hiking backpack and waving to everyone we pass.
You can open the drawers in the kitchen now.
Mommy's favorite thing is sharing Cheerios with you.
Daddy's is helping you drum on an empty coffee can.
You are starting to snuggle.

We just love you.

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