Celebrate National Consignment Day with TheRealReal

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Raise your hand if you used to dress beautifully then stopped because you became a parent? Oh, man. I used to have all these lovely designer clothes and purses that I would wear on special occasions. And now, two kids later – they've been relegated to the back of my closet and haven't been worn in… years. Literally years. The're still chic and stylish (I like a timeless look) but I have nowhere to wear them now and probably won't for another decade. So WHY do I hang on to them? They have no sentimental value at all and are just taking up space in my closet. I really needed to just find a way to let them go – without cluttering up landfills or posting them to some garage sale group. I mean, they're still worth something so I'd hate seeing them toss in the trash or sold for $5. That's why I was so happy to learn about designer online consignment and I can send my old items in to celebrate National Consignment Day with TheRealReal!

Celebrate National Consignment Day with TheRealReal #NeverThrowAway

With 2.5 billion pounds of textiles saved from landfills through resale, consignment is not only financially smart, it's also sustainable. And y'all KNOW that I love sustainable practices. I personally own quite a few items that I've bought via consignment and love them! I also have my eye on a new-to-me Louis Vuitton bag for an end-of-the-year gift to myself. Consigning through TheRealReal is a great way to make smart, sustainable fashion choices and earn extra money just before the holidays! Such a great way to be green while also earning some. HA! I just made myself laugh.

It's easy to consign with TheRealReal, just sign up to receive a consignment bag that gets mailed right to your doorstep. Fill it with your items from their approved designer brands list and have it sent back via FedEx (paid for by them – YES!). The items get checked out and, if they meet their guidelines, TheRealReal will consign your item for you. You can get paid in either site credit or a check. So really y'all there's just reason NOT to consign your designer items. #NeverThrowAway

Celebrate National Consignment Day with TheRealReal #NeverThrowAway