4 Tips To Help Any On-The-Go Mom Pump

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One of my major concerns after I gave birth to Finn was how I was going to fit in time to pump. I exclusively breast feed so having a storage of pumped breast milk in the freezer in case of an emergency (I get sick and have to stay in the hospital or get stuck in traffic for a really long time) is incredibly important to me. However, I'm a full time, work from home mom with an extremely active 3 year old so I was feeling overwhelmed by the act of pumping.

So imagine how thrilled I was to receive the NUK® Simply Natural™ Freemie® Cups and discover how EASY and stress free they make pumping. Not only that, but they are incredibly discreet and make pumping much less of a production than traditional pumps. They allowed me to figure out 4 tips to help any on-the-go mom pump and I would like to share those suggestions with you:

4 Tips To Help Any On-The-Go Mom Pump #SimplyNaturalMoment #IC #Ad

4 Tips To Help Any On-The-Go Mom Pump

Schedule. Picking a specific time (or times) every day to pump is an awesome way to make the process easier. Not only will penciling in “pump appointments” help you and everyone around you treat it as an important engagement but you body will also come to learn that it's on a schedule and will probably produce more milk during that time.

Hydrate. Yes, pumping can dehydrate you very badly just as breast feeding can so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Keep a huge glass or bottle of water near you at all times throughout the day and drink. Your body will respond kindly when I comes time to pump.

Hands Free Pumping. One of the reasons a lot of women don't like pumping is because it feels unnatural and obtrusive. You have to haul out that huge pump and attachments and practically disrobe from the waist while – all while (usually) hiding in a bathroom stall or storage room because of all the naked. That's why the NUK® Simply Natural™ Freemie® Cups are so great! They fit right inside your bra, connect to a pump, and deposit breast milk directly in the cups themselves. They are an incredibly discreet and hands-free (so you can continue to work at your desk or read to an older child). Buy yours at any Walmart or Target (and don't forget the bottles – available here and here).

Relax. Sure. This is easier said than done but try to figure out something to do while you are pumping other than thinking about pumping. Read a book, look at baby pictures, play a game on your phone. Whatever it takes to help your body and emotions relax.

4 Tips To Help Any On-The-Go Mom Pump #SimplyNaturalMoment #IC #Ad

4 Tips To Help Any On-The-Go Mom Pump #SimplyNaturalMoment #IC #Ad