5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for the Centerpieces

In today's 5 for 5, I'm offering suggestions on how to save money on the centerpieces (On
the 5th day of every month, I share a downloadable infographic with my
Top Five Budget Tips for a specific facet of wedding planning).

Hope this helps y'all find your perfect, budget-friendly centerpieces! (click the image below for a free PDF!):


Top Five Budget Tips for the Centerpieces

  1.  Selecting in-season flowers for your centerpieces can save you money. Ask your florist to suggest a list of in-season flowers to fit your color scheme or theme.
  2. Consider borrowing unique vases, buckets, or canisters for personalized (and inexpensive!) centerpieces.
  3. Why not skip flowers all together and do a family style meal – the dishes of food can act as your centerpieces!
  4. Nix flowers and opt for alternative centerpiece fillers like river rocks, lemons, Christmas ornaments, or candy. They are generally less expensive and save you tons on labor costs.
  5. Want flowers? DIY them! Some basic flower arranging skills and a creative container can transform a grocery store bouquet into a beautiful centerpiece!

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