5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Officiant

In today's 5 for 5, I'm offering suggestions on how to save money on the wedding officiant (On the 5th day of every month, I share a downloadable infographic with my Top Five Budget Tips for a specific facet of wedding planning).

Hope this helps y'all find your perfect, budget-friendly wedding officiant! (click the image below for a free PDF!):


Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Officiant

  1. Find an officiant that will accept donations to their church (instead of a straight fee). Often you write those fees off of your taxes as a charitable donation.
  2. Ask your pre-marital counselor to be your officiant. Then offer to donate their fee to a favorite charity (and then write it off your taxes!
  3. If you book your officiant through your church ask them have pre-marital counseling fees waived. Many will do this to encourage couples to take the counseling sessions.
  4. Have a friend or family member conduct the wedding ceremony (no officiating fee!).
  5. If you invite one of your guests to officiate your wedding then you will have one (or more if they have a partner) less guest to feed at the reception.

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