5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Rings

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In today's 5 for 5, I'm offering suggestions on how to save money on the wedding rings (on the 5th day of every month, I share a downloadable infographic with my Top Five Budget Tips for a specific facet of wedding planning).

Hope this helps y'all find your perfect, budget-friendly wedding rings (click the image below for a free PDF!):

5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Rings

Top Five Budget Tips for the Wedding Rings

  1. Love lots of bling but can’t afford the ring? Ask if it also comes in a setting using a lesser metal. White gold looks just like platinum but costs a fraction of the amount.
  2. Buy your engagement ring and wedding ring at the same time and ask for a package price.
  3. Not picky about the design or metal? Check out Amazon or etsy for some real steals (like only $25!).
  4. If it is the rock you love but it’s too expensive, look for rings with a stone that is the next grade down. If it is at the top of the next grade, it generally looks the same but for a lot less money.
  5. Have a metal fabricator friend or someone with access to a lathe? Always wanted to take a jewelry making class? Why not ask them to MAKE your wedding ring? We did!

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