5 for 5: Top Five Budget Tips for Wedding Favors

It's the third month of our new regular feature called 5 for 5 (on the 5th day of every month, I'll be sharing a downloadable infographic with my Top Five Budget Tips for a specific facet of wedding planning). Today, I'm tackling wedding favors (click the image below for a free PDF!):


Top 5 Budget Tips: Wedding Favors

  1. Stick with favors that can be eaten or played with. No one wants crap with your name or wedding date on it. Food or toys are ALWAYS the best favors.
  2. Dress up plain notebooks or waterbottle with custom labels or stamping. An easy DIY that’s popular with guests.
  3. Shop after holiday sales for items you can use. Mini locale-specific ornaments, a bag of red candies, or patriotic button can all be found in seasonal sales and will work for your wedding’s theme.
  4. Do you really need favors? REALLY?!?! Are you just doing it because everyone else is?
  5. Do favors that double as decor. Group single blooms or potted plants together as a centerpiece for the reception and hand out as individual favors after the wedding.

Hope this helps y'all find your perfect, butget-friendly wedding shoes! 

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