5 Things To Do First When Planning a Budget Wedding

So, you’re getting married and planning a budget wedding. YAY! You’re probably so excited to get started and maybe you’ve already been pinning ideas. But before you get too carried away, let’s discuss 5 things to do first when planning a budget wedding.

5 Things To Do First When Planning a Budget Wedding
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1. Figure out the budget. It’s not fun or sexy or enjoyable but if you’re going to throw the biggest party of your life then yes, you’ve GOT to know your number. How much money are you going to spend on this thing? Who’s contributing the money (you, our parents, a relative)? How much are they each pitching in? When and how will the funds be available to you? If you’re paying for some or all of this then how will you come up with the money? From your savings or are you kicking in part of each paycheck? You MUST figure this all out before you do anything else.

2. Figure out a date. This one is more fun and can be so exciting to plan with your closest friends and family. To allow yourself the most flexibility budget-wise, try to have a few days (or even and entire month or season) to work with. If you’re not picky about an exact date then you can shuffle things around when it comes to booking a great venue or vendor later.

3. Figure out the guest list. This is one of those fun-at-first and then less-fun-as-things-go-on tasks. While you don’t need a definitive list right now, you’ve got to have a rough number to work with. Since venues and vendors generally charge by the head (i.e. per person), you’ll need a ballpark figure to shoot at them when getting quotes. To create your list, either sit down and combine everyone’s (parents, too!) lists or pick a number and tailor your list later to fit it.

4. Figure out venue. You’ve got to do this thing somewhere and the venue is usually the number one biggest expense and also an important factor in planning everything else (like the décor, food, transportation, and on). Try to shop around and be flexible. You could see considerable savings if you’re willing to shuffle dates or go with a non-traditional setting.

5. Figure out your splurge. Even a budget wedding can afford one or two splurges but it’s important to know what they’ll be (and how much you can spend on them) before you go any further. Will you be going for a fabulous photographer or maybe splashing out for a sweet honeymoon? Decide early what you’re willing to spend a little extra on and then start looking for deals as soon as possible to really maximize that splurge!

I’m living proof that you can have a fantastic wedding on a teeny-tiny budget and I promise, these were the first 5 things I did when planning our $5,000 budget wedding. The most important thing of all is to know your budget and give yourself time to work it.

What’s the first thing you’re planning on doing to plan your budget wedding? 

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