5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan a Budget Wedding

We all love Pinterest. Like, LOVE. And, more than likely, you've been pinning away at all things pretty for your wedding. I totally did, too. And that's awesome because Pinterest is an amazing platform for sharing ideas and gathering inspiration. However, for a budget bride or groom, Pinterest can be very difficult to navigate with a practical eye. So here's 5 ways to use Pinterest to plan a budget wedding and remain at peace:

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Plan a Budget Wedding

1. Seek out budget-friendly wedding pinners, like me! My other favorites are Something Turquoise, The Budget Savvy Bride, and DIY Bride. They primarily pin wedding inspiration that is inexpensive or can be successfully crafted for less than retail. Many even have special boards just for discounts, codes, and deals.

2. Examine the notes or comments for clues on how to recreate a look or piece of decor for less money. Pinterest is a sharing community and so many people will pitch in with great ideas.

3. Learn how to use the search engine. Pinterest has a pretty good search engine but you'll need to be as specific as possible to help narrow down your results. Instead of just typing in "Fall Decor", try "Red Fall Wedding Decor" or "Fall Camping Wedding Centerpieces". The more specific you are – the more targeted your results.

4. Check out your recommended interests. This is a relatively new feature but one that I'm SO into. Just Click on the menu in the top left corner and select "Explore Interests". If you've been pinning wedding stuff then you should have many different categories to choose from. It's a great way to discover new pinners to follow and find amazing ideas.

5. Occassionally review your boards and edit them to reflect your specific interests and ideas. At first, you'll pin everything but after a while you'll start to notice themes to your pins. Use those as a way to eliminate anything that doesn't fit and provide focus on where to spend your money.

How did you use Pinterest to plan your budget wedding?