Affordable Metallic Flowers for Your Wedding

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Everyone wants gorgeous flowers for their wedding. And why not? They're pretty, smell wonderful, and can make a huge design statement. But! It can be easy to get carried away and let your flower budget spiral out of control. Resist the temptation by using this handy graphic filled with affordable metallics flowers for your wedding to get amazing blooms within your budget.

Affordable Metallic Flowers for Your Wedding

Brunia Silver: These uniquely textured flowers are very popular in winter wedding bouquets. Use this unique filler to create a very personal, natural,and textured style

Dusty Miller: A great filler in winter wedding arrangements. It looks amazing in a DIY bouquet or centerpiece.

Sparkling Silver Cedar SpraysAdd some festive cheer to any DIY bouquet, centerpiece, or arrangement.

Gold Glittered Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are a trendy floral design accent and focal point. Add them to any bouquet or centerpieces for a bit of sparkle.

Sparkling Platinum Twig and Berry Sprays: A unique DIY filler that really lives up to the name. They are a wonderful fillers for bouquets or centerpieces.

Copper Glitter Pine Sprays: These fillers are most popular in winter arrangements as they sport an earthy tone. Pair them with cream florals or group a bunch as a stand alone statement.

Silver Glitter Covered Fern Fronds: Fronds can be used for many different floral needs. They can be lovely by themselves to really make a statement or mixed in with flowers.

Limonium White: These look stunning in any bouquet or centerpiece that needs a whimsical or natural touch. They also work beautifully in a dried arrangement!

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Are you using any metallic flowers in your wedding?