Affordable White Flowers for Your Wedding

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Everyone wants gorgeous flowers for their wedding. And why not? They're pretty, smell wonderful, and can make a huge design statement. But! It can be easy to get carried away and let your flower budget spiral out of control. Resist the temptation by using this handy graphic filled with affordable white flowers for your wedding to get amazing blooms within your budget.

Affordable White Flowers for Your Wedding

Large Hydrangeas: The heads are tightly packed full of small flowers and a single stem can make up the bulk of a small bouquet. Several stems can make one lush looking bridal bouquet.

Ranunculus: A lovely flowers that is generally used as a luxurious filler but can absolutely stand alone when several bunches are grouped together in a bouquet.

Snapdragons: Best if used in bunches, this flower is ideal for centerpieces or as a quirky filler for more informal bouquets.

Spider Mum: An often overlooked flower, the mum is an awesome and affordable bloom. One stem fills a lot of space so this is a great centerpiece flower or bridesmaid bouquet option.

Standard Roses: A wedding staple and always a great deal. At any time of year, you can find some shade of white rose online or at your local supermarket. One dozen makes a gorgeous and CHEAP bouquet.

Queen Anne's Lace: An excellent filler flower and an affordable upgrade from the standard baby's breath.

Lisianthus: A delicate flower that comes in bunches and resembles mini roses. I love these for bridesmaid bouquets.

Peony: A new wedding classic. When this flower is in season, it's stupid affordable! You can even pick up a stem with 4-5 blooms on it at your local supermarket for under $20!

Are you using any white flowers in your wedding?