An Amazing Costa Rica Wedding with Honey Favors, A Photobooth, and a Mascarada!

Have I got a KILLER wedding for y'all today!It's a Costa Rican wedding that featured honey favors, a photobooth, and a Mascarada! Read on for the amazing:

Betty and Patrick's Costa Rican Wedding

Betty Stewart and Patrick Schnell met at College in the US. Betty was born and raised in sunny Costa Rica and after College the two of them decided they wanted to move to Costa Rica together. Betty's family owns and operates a farm here and now the two of them work side by side on the family farm. Patrick was born and raised in Plattsburgh, New York – so his family and friends flew in to celebrate their big day. They got married at Hacienda Pinilla in lovely Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. 

Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Ceremony_Aisle_Decor
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Wedding DressKiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Honey_Favor
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Bride's_Bouquet
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Bridesmaid_Bouquets
Images Courtesy of: A Brit & A Blonde

The Flowers, The Photobooth, and The Favors

Beautiful flower arrangements and moss and driftwood lined the centers of each table. A fun photo booth complete with always fun props was set up for guests to take snaps so that the couple could have a great playful album of everyone. Super sweet jars of honey were the "thank you" gift for each of their guests. And were a major hit!

Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Centerpiece
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Bar
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Table_SettingKiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Honey_Favors_Table
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Escort_Cards
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Table_Number
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_PhotoboothKiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Photobooth_Props
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Photobooth_Pictures
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Photobooth_Picture_2
Images Courtesy of: A Brit & A Blonde

The Mascarada

The couple wanted to offer their guests a truly Costa Rican experience – so they brought in a Mascarada to entertain everyone during cocktails. Essentially La Mascarada is a very old Costa Rican tradition that has recently come back in vogue for weddings and events. It is a parade of giant masked figures. The make are larger than life and are of characters from Costa Rica folklore. La Cimarrona were around to play traditional music to accompany the parade and had everyone up and dancing and having the time of their lives. It was an incredible experience.

Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Mascarada
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Mascarada_2
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Wedding_Party
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit_A_Blonde_Mascarada_2
Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Wedding_Party_and_Mascarada
Images Courtesy of: A Brit & A Blonde

Shot by Jessica & Jason Hill of A Brit & A Blonde

Kiss My Tulle_A_Brit__A_Blonde_Bride_and_Groom
Image Courtesy of: A Brit & A Blonde

Phew! Sometimes the amazing just blows you away, right? What I love best about this wedding is that nearly everything about it is recreatable on a budget. The honey favors? Old baby food jars + bulk honey + fabric. The table numbers? Print 'em off your computer. The Mascarada? Papier-mâché, some thrift store clothes, and some really willing friends. What was your favorite bit fo this FAB wedding?