Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Women

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Do y'all still do stockings in your house once everyone's grown up? In my family, once you graduate – you're an adult and Santa doesn't bring gifts or stockings to adults. So, you then have the chance to opt in to doing a stocking exchange with other adults in the family. I love stockings so I'm in every year. My favorite part is putting together the perfect collection of little gifts and treats for my assigned person. This year, both my husband and I are giving to two of my adult nieces and we've been having a blast looking for cool fillers. Here's a few awesome stocking stuffers for women that we've found:

Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Women #ad

Pretty much any woman is going to love to be pampered so I love to buy mini (or travel) versions of their favorite toiletries and beauty products. I know that I appreciate having those mini sizes to stash in my gym bag, luggage, my car, and my purse. I think most ladies like having extras of their favorite brands handy for any occasion. And don't just stop at the travel size products like shampoo and body wash – look for mini mascaras, bronzers, and lipsticks. It's a chance for her to experiment with new shades and brands without the commitment.

I'm big on stuffing stockings with fun accessories. I like to toss some hair ties and headbands in there, along with a couple of necklaces and pairs of earrings. Also, remember that there are still a few months of winter left so include a chunky scarf, some touch screen friendly gloves, and a cute hat. You could even include a funny T-shirt or some cozy socks. The best part about adding accessories to a stocking is that you don't really need to know anyone's sizes.

Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Women #ad

I've also found that women love it when you include a couple of really nice beauty tools – like a quality hairbrush or a set of excellent make up brushes. Last year, my stocking had an Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse Electronic Foot File in it and I. loved. it. LOVED IT. Hands down one of the best stocking stuffers I have ever gotten. My favorite thing is that, since I am pretty much barefoot all the time, the extra coarse roller head with long-lasting, micro-abrasive particles also includes finely ground diamond crystals. That means that it gently buffs away all my gross foot skin and leaves me with visibly smooth feet that I can't stop touching. You could also snag an Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Electronic Foot File. This tool is perfect for the low maintenance lady because it's waterproof, meaning you can smooth your rough, scaly feet in the shower or bath tub. You can continually file your feet for 20 minutes (awesome!) and never worry about replacing batteries. This Amopé Pedi Perfect Foot File is rechargeable! Just put it in the rechargeable docking station and plug it into an outlet for about 3 hours. Find yours in the foot care aisle at Target.

Awesome Stocking Stuffers For Women #ad

And don't forget about little luxuries. Not fancy designer brands or anything like that. I'm talking about a nice tumbler with a straw instead of a glass for her water. Include a monogrammed travel mug for coffee on her morning commute. How about pretty zipped bags for her beauty products or a hanging organizer for her scarves. A mini sewing kit is nice as is a small jewelry box – both are appreciated items in a women's fashion arsenal.

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