Bar: Cheap Wine!!!

Nothing says wedding like a foufou dress, a towering cake, and lots and lots of booze. And it is all those gallons of booze that can add lots of zeros to the wedding budget's bottomline.

Image Courtesy of: The Kitchn

At one time, the only good wine was an astronomically priced French wine and woe the poor couple who tried to serve anything less. However, since the mid-1970s the wine industry in the United States (and Canada, too!) has grown by leaps and bounds. And one of the best outcomes of these improvements has been the challenge of creating a tasty and affordable wines for the boozer on a budget.

Apartment Therapy: The Kitchn has created a fantastic list of great wines for under $10.00 (and included a little informal "good to know about tasting and purchasing cheap wines" guide).

Check it out here.