Best. Chocolate. Cupcakes. Ever.

I have no idea why but these are the tastiest cupcakes I have ever had. Think that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the author, Chockylit, has created a detailed breakdown of the recipe along with the actual photos and instructions. These cupcakes help up really well (sealed inside airtight containers they lasted for several days in a HOT Texas kitchen) so they could very easily be made up days before the wedding and stored until the reception.

I am not a baker but my first batch tasted amazing. However, I did not have the same ice cream scoop that the author used to dish her batter out with so I ended up spooning mine in randomly. This lead to spillovers and concave tops (not the pretty convex ones that the author baked). But a great wallop of icing later and they didn't look half bad (a bit deranged, maybe, but not so bad!).

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I'm going to practice again this weekend and share my version of the "Best. Chocolate. Cupcakes. Ever." done up as a wedding cake next week. If you try out this recipe, I'd love to see your endeavors – email images to: