BookWorm: 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Fabulous & Chic Wedding! by Laura Pepper Wu

If you’re reading this site then I’m guessing that you are interested in making your wedding affordable (notice that I didn’t say “cheap” or “chintzy”. I said affordable which means that you recognize that this is one day and you’re choosing to spend X number of dollars on it – and no more than that). There are a million articles and posts out there on how to save money on your big day. Some have great information… and some don’t. That’s why I’m a fan of Laura Pepper Wu’s new e-book, 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Fabulous & Chic Wedding! (AND, it's only $0.99! LESS THAN A DOLLAR!).

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Y’all remember Laura, right? She of the 3 different weddings (don’t worry – all three were to the same guy!) on three different continents? Anyone who can have three different weddings in three completely different countries and still stay on a reasonable budget is aces in my book (and just so happens to have already written a good one – Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 Days: Bridal Beauty, Health, & Staying Stress-Free). According to Laura, "There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding day. But chic and tasteful ones? 51 Ways to Save Money and Still Have a Chic and Fabulous Wedding! introduces these to you in this entertaining how-to guide. There's nothing tacky or distasteful here: just good old fashioned money saving tricks that you might not have thought of before. You'll save the price of this book, plus much much more!"

When I found out about her new e-book (available for download on your Kindle and Nook), I was eager to dig in and see if Laura had any good tips for tastefully (and successfully) throwing an affordable wedding.

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And boy, did she deliver! Some of the 51 tips are ones that you’ve heard before – for example, "Tip #14: Cut out the Flower Middlemen." But Laura gives this “been there, heard that” tip a nice twist by including online wholesale floral resources and suggesting that you have some flowers done professionally and the rest DIY. Talk about really thinking the process through!

I was also happy with some of Laura’s other tips as I had not considered some of them before OR they were ones that I’ve recommended but aren’t so well known. For example, Tip #7 talked about buying a suit for the groom instead of renting. And Tip #22 suggested skipping the cake topper if your cake is already a showstopper. So simple and yet so cost-saving and practical!

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I think that one of my very favorite parts of Laura’s e-book where the impressive number of online resources that she shared. Talk about cutting out the legwork! She even included websites for DIYing your own wedding invitations and for finding wedding specific coupons! Wedding specific coupons! Who knew?

I also really liked the preface to 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Fabulous & Chic Wedding! which included an insightful little page on “The 7 Golden Rules to Keep You – and Your Wallet – Happy!" I agreed with most of Laura’s “rules” and kept finding myself nodding as I read. Now, full disclosure, I do not agree with her recommendation to negotiate with vendors (y’all know that I think asking for discounts is disrespectful and tacky) BUT I did adore Laura’s tips on tastefully asking for vendors to work with you and come up with a package (or service) that suits both of you and at a reasonable pricepoint. Her suggestions in “The Art of Negotiations for Nice Girls” should be required reading for brides, grooms, and vendors!

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So, if you want a chic and fabulous wedding, and still enter marriage with enough money to enjoy newly wed life, then this guide is for you! 51 Ways to Save Money & Still Have a Fabulous & Chic Wedding! is available now on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook for just $0.99! P.S. You can also follow Laura on Twitter!

*Disclaimer: Laura give me a copy of her e-book and asked me to review it. I was not monetarily compensated for this post but I am affiliated with Amazon so if you buy the book via the link – I will recieve a percentage of the sale. Thanks!