Bridal Shower: Presenting…NOT Another Lame Ass Shower Game

Like peanut butter and jelly, bridal showers and lame ass games seem stuck together (those the latter with much less tasty results!). Yep, I am one of those people. You know, the ones that will not attend bridal showers because they refuse to play one more dumb variation of the memorizethecraponthetray/pintheveilonthebride/whatsmissinginthisrecipe game.

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Google the phrase “non lame bridal shower game” (No, really. Go ahead… I’ll wait.) and see what you come up with. Nada. Nothing. Nine. The only thing on the first page of the search is posters to message boards begging for non-dorky bridal shower activities. Because listen to me ladies. NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE A DRESS FROM WRAPPING PAPER. Phew. Had to get that out.

So I started thinking and I’m pretty sure that I came up with a game (for those of you who really like to do an activity at a shower) that is easy, inexpensive, and very much NOT lame. It’s a simple quiz called “How Well Do You Know The Bride?” and it would make a nice icebreaker to get guests talking and laughing. Just print out one per guest, hand them out (with a pencil), and let the good times roll. Make sure to give the bride a copy! That’ll ensure that she can write down her thoughts and feel put on the spot to come up with an answer on the fly. Download your copy there and let ‘er rip! (P.S. This quiz is partner neutral so it’s appropriate for all orientations).

Download Kiss My Tulle How Well Do You Know The Bride Quiz

So m’dears, do you think that your friends would enjoy this little game? Can you think of some other questions that would work in this type of quiz? Guys, would you play a dude version of this game? Share your thoughts in the comments!