Budget: Wedding Breakdown

One of the trickiest parts of working with your wedding budget is deciding how to divvy up the funds. How much can you estimate on spending on each detail and item?


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Here's a fantastic budget breakdown that I found at arcamax.com:

"Paper Work: 3.5% – 5%
Consists of: Invitations and postage, wedding programs, seating assignment cards, personal stationary, and a calligrapher.

Bride's Attire: 13.5% – 18%
Consists of: Alterations, veil, bra, shoes, gloves, hair, and make-up.

Groom's Attire: 1%
Consists of: Alterations, tux rental, cufflinks, and shoes.

Ceremony and Rings: 8% – 12%
Consists of: Fee for space and wedding bands for bride and groom.

Reception and Caterer: 40% – 65%
Consists of: Rental fee, food, tables, chairs, linens, wait-service, alcohol, and bartending.

Cake: 2% – 2.5%
Consists of: The cake of your choice.

Flowers: 5% – 13%
Consists of: Floral arrangement for ceremony and reception.

Music: 2% – 10%
Consists of: Ceremony and reception.

Photographer/Videographer: 7% – 12%
Consists of: Wedding and reception

Miscellaneous: 4% – 12%
Consists of: Transportation, accommodation, and non-wedding day parties.

*Statistics from InfoStuff.com"