Cake: Making the Calculations

So, after The Boy and I did our first cake tastings and consultations with some cake vendors this past month, I was inspired to do this whole great post about how to accurately calculate how much cake you actually needed for your wedding. You know, for those of you interested in not getting stuck with leftover buttercream and yellow cake (or those of you intent on DIYing your own wedding cake!). However, when I went to do research for this – I discovered that someone had already done a bang up job with all the research and calculations.

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Image Courtesy of: Smile Wedding Tips

So I’ll be referring you to their incredible information and suggestions cuz you know what? If it ain’t broke, y’all…

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Image Courtesy of: Country Kitchen Sweet Art

For more information, visit Country Kitchen Sweet Art's website.

So how ‘bout it? Do these calculations seem accurate to you? Did you end up over-estimating how much cake you’d actually need and have TONS of leftovers? Or are you nervous that you under calculated for your reception? Let’s talk about it in the comments!