Candy Centerpiece

I love flowers. Really, truly adore them (I think that has a lot to do with growing up in Alaska and only having flowers for a few short months every year). And nothing says "wedding" like a lovely floral centerpiece. But, what if you don't like flowers or are allergic or you're on a super duper tight budget and can't afford them? How 'bout this?


Image Courtesy of:

Martha Stewart

CANDY CENTERPIECE!!!! Best. Idea. Ever. It is simply a few lollipops, some candy sticks, and a great deal of Pop-Rocks (as the base/vase filler). For an elegent or eclectic look – go for the rich urns pictured above. For a more clean look – use these vases from Ikea. For a fun, playful look – use mismatched teapots or empty planting pots.