I Can Celebrate Both Thanksgiving And Christmas

I've been seeing (and getting) a lot of flak on my personal Facebook page regarding how I celebrate the final festivities of the year. Namely, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Basically, people shitting on others that are starting to listen to carols and decorate for Christmas even though we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet. Like their opinion means jack to anyone.

To these people, I would like to say…

Bitch, I Can Celebrate Thanksgiving And Christmas At The Same Time… I've Got Time!

Yes, the second the door slams shut on Halloween (at roughly 12:01 AM on November 1st), my ass is busting out the Thanksgiving menu and listening to Linda Eder sing to me about Holy Nights. I. AM. ENJOYING. THINGS.

I can absolutely appreciate and distinguish between the two holidays while enjoying them both simultaneously. I don't know why you can't.

Maybe I'm just better at multitasking.

Here's the thing. Thanksgiving and Christmas are, hands down, my favorite holidays. I love, love, LOVE them. But, they are only a day each and that just seems… lame.

So, I celebrate them for as long as possible by drawing out the anticipation and joy. Now, my husband is a little more picky about it so we have a compromise – I don't decorate for or listen to carols in the house about Christmas until after the Thanksgiving meal is over.

But, I talk about it, plan for it, and generally enjoy it all with my kids. We look at the new Christmas stuff at Target. Melanie looks at the toy catalogs and starts planning her Christmas list. We do the shoot for our holiday cards.

All while dreaming about turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie and reading Thanksgiving books. And I do – I literally wrote a post about how I plan for and enjoy Thanksgiving over several weeks.

After all, while Christmas is a fixed date on the calendar – Thanksgiving changes every year. And that means, that in any given year, my lead up to Thanksgiving or Christmas is shorted by at least a week. A WHOLE WEEK.

And you know what? I want that week. I WANT IT. I want every single cheesy Christmas movie, “Friends” Thanksgiving episode marathon, excitedly planning the turkey dinner, and sneaking in another ride to look at lights with my kids. I want them all.

So, I celebrate Thanksgiving AND Christmas. And I enjoy every minute of it.