It’s Not Too Late to Buy all your Children’s Easter Basket Goodies Off Amazon!

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It's that time of year again, when bunny, chocolate, and chicks are on every commercial and stocked in store aisles everywhere. That's right, EASTER is literally next week and, if it has snuck up on you like it did for me, you probably have nothing bought for baskets or an egg hunt. And, if you are also like me, the thought of putting on pants, going to a store, and possibly having to interact with people to buy those things is… not what you want to do. AT ALL. So, what other option do you have except filling up your cart on Amazon and Priming that shit. If you buy everything today, it will all arrive (courtesy of FREE shipping) by the end of the week, thus allowing you destress, pantless, in front of Netflix (as God intended). And to make it even easier? I've rounded up some really cute and fun Easter goodies so you don't even have to search and find stuff! YOU'RE WELCOME, WORLD. So, get after it, y'all, because it's not too late to buy all your children's Easter basket goodies off Amazon!

It's Not Too Late to Buy all your Children's Easter Basket Goodies Off Amazon!

Jellycat Bashful Stuffed Bunny: A bunny is a classic Easter gift. This one is super soft and cuddly.

Nordic Simple Linen Bunny Pillow: This is perfect for tweens or teens, who tend to be a bit harder to shop for on Easter. It looks grown-up but is still sweet.

Mini Bunny Planter: For budding gardeners or super mod designers – this planter is freaking cute!

Yoga Bunny: This is an adorable book!

Hand Carved Bunny Stool: Um. How awesome is this? Talk about your gorgeous heirloom gift!

Easter Bunny Basket/Bag: Still need a basket? Here's one that can also be used as an attractive storage solution post-Easter.

Marshmallow: Another wonderful book option.

Wubbanub Oatmeal Bunny: This is a great solution to a common problem. A fluffy pacifier, anyone?

Bunny Sunnies: So fun!

Bunny Tail and Ears Set: Costume up with this cute bunny set! Bonus points if all the kids wear them at the same time.

“Some Bunny Loves Me” Onesie: Come one! It's a tradition to dress up your baby in a silly Easter-themed outfit!

DIY Wooden Easter Eggs: A cute and quiet little craft. Perfect for killing time (or coming down from a sugar rush).

Which of these Easter basket ideas do you think your kids would love to get this weekend?