Color and Keepin’ It Simple.

Sometimes the easiest way to effectively use the color green is to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). For example,

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Look. How many colors do you see? I count three: pink, white, and green. The bridesmaids are all wearing the small color green (that green is also seen in the fabric used to decorate the bouquets), the bride is wearing white (which is also used on her bouquet decor), and everyone has pink flowers. Look closely and you'll notice that everyone actually has a different type of flower – but! because they are all the same shade of pink, it all coordinates.

This is a perfect example of how keepin' it simple can hugely enhance the visual impact of your wedding's "look". The dresses are of a simple cut and identical shade of green. The bride is sportin' a clean white gown. And the flowers are the same shade of pink. Boom! Stunning. Boom! Easy.