Deals and Steals: Five Affordable Etsy Wedding Invitations

We all want the killer wedding invites but few of use can really afford that or don't have the time to DIY them ourselves (I know I couldn't, hence the semi-handmade route). But y'all, that doesn't mean you have to be stuck with something that costs a third of your wedding budget or something that looks super cheap. I truly feel that God invented etsy so that couples could have pretty AND affordable wedding invitations! Don't believe me? Here's five affordable etsy wedding invitations that will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

From Casala Studio

Casala Wedding Invitation
Image Courtesy of: Casala Studio

Pure Parchment

Pure Parchment Wedding Invitation
Image Courtesy of: Pure Parchment

W Design Gallery

W Design Gallery Printable Wedding Invitation
Image Courtesy of: W Design Gallery

Inviting Moments

Inviting Moments Wedding Invitation
Image Courtesy of: Inviting Moments

JP design studio

JP Design Studio Wedding Invitation
Image Courtesy of: JP design studio

The bestest part about each of these affordable etsy wedding invitations? They are printable! Meaning, you place your order and the seller will customize them to your colors and with your information. Then, you receive a file to print at home or send to the printer of your choice (I recommend VistaPrint – they printed all my wedding stuff). Often, if you let the seller know what printer you'll be using at home or what printing company you're going with, they'll adjust all the files for you so you don't have to mess with it yourself. So, any of you using (or did use) printable invitations?