Deals and Steals: Post-Holiday Items That Would Work In Your Wedding

If you're not planning a Christmas or New Year’s wedding then it may never occur to you to pick up some holiday décor or supplies once the season is over. Totally understandable but completely off-base, y’all. No matter when your wedding takes place – post-holiday sales are a GREAT place to nab some killer products (and at AWESOME prices) to fancy up your ‘nups!

Example #1: Better lighting!

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Images Coourtesy of: Adam and Kavya and Helen Kate Horne

Fill your cart with Christmas lights (or twinkle lights or fairy lights. Whatever you call ‘em – fill ‘er up!). Combine them with large swathes of fabric (or sheets) and drape them across bars/beams to create a shimmery canopy. Or, wrap them around a hula hoop for a makeshift chandelier!

Example #2: Open the bar!

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Image Courtesy of: On To Baby

No one likes a cash bar. NO ONE! But, you’re on a budget. What to do, what to do? How about loading up at post-holiday booze sales? Sparkling wine, champagne, and white/red wines are generally overstocked at Christmas and New Year’s so they can be scored (in bulk!) at great prices once January hits. Stock up and host an open (limited) bar.

Example #3: Create a DIY photobooth backdrop!

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Image Courtesy of: Apartment Therapy

DIY photoboothes are all the rage and are super easy to incorporate into your wedding. Set up camera, add props, and hoist up a backdrop. Creating a backdrop is way easy (and affordable) if you hit the post-holiday sales. Use garlands draped over a bar or tack up a holiday-themed sheet. Enjoy.

Example #4: Make centerpieces!

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Image Courtesy of: Sunset and Unknown

There is no law declaring that all wedding reception centerpieces must be made from flowers. Take apart a Christmas wreath and insert the bits into New Year’s champagne flutes for a modern (and cheap!) centerpiece. Or, load up on candles, tealights, and votives and add a romantic glow to your reception tables.

So how about it, Tulle Nation? Are you hitting the post-holiday clearance sections for a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for your wedding? Got an idea of how to reinvent a traditionally Christmas or New Year’s item into wedding décor? Share away!