How To Do A Disney Park Family Photo Shoot

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In early May, the kids and I got a chance to visit Disneyland in California and do a quick family photo shoot with the lovely Annie Vovan. It was an amazing experience and you probably saw many of the images on my Instagram.

In fact, it was such an incredible experience that I'm planning to do a family Disney park family photo shoot (in addition to the traditional Disney photo package) every time we visit.

I loved how the images turned out and how fun it was to think up coordinating outfits and get our pictures taken at our favorite Disney park locations.

Curious about how to do a Disney park family photo shoot? Here's my tips and suggestions for you!

Photo Courtesy of: Annie Vovan

Why Hire A Photographer For A Disney Family Photo Shoot?

Hiring a photographer is different than a MaxPass or MemoryMaker photography package from Disney. It's more personalized, you can take photos at different locations (other than the standard Disney photo stops), and you'll get more professionally composed, edited images.

How to Find Your Disney Photographer:

It's actually really simple (so much so that it was a total “DUH” moment for me when a friend told me how). There are several really quick and easy ways to find a family photographer with experience shooting in the Disney park that you'll be going to:

  • Google “(Full Name of Disney Park You'll Be Going To) family photographer”
  • Do a Pinterest search for “(Full Name of Disney Park You'll Be Going To) family photographer”
  • Search Instagram for the words “(Full Name of Disney Park You'll Be Going To) family photographer” OR #FullNameofDisneyParkYoullBeGoingTo #familyphotographer

Look for a photographer with lots of examples of family photography in your desired Disney park – specifically, look for someone who has experience working with a family of your size and ages.

I also look for photographers with a style similar to what I like. For example, I love bright colors and lots of messy energy. You may love neutrals and and a cleaner, calmer look. Whatever you love – look for a photographer who shoots in that style.

Big Fat Tip: Look for a photographer who already has an Annual Pass (AP). Otherwise, you'll need to cover their park ticket for the day of shooting.

How a Disney Family Photo Shoot Works:

Before the day, you and the photographer should come up with a rough idea of photo shoot locations (exact spots in the park where you'd like photos taken) and any specific shots you'd like (i.e. everyone in Mickey Ears and looking at the castle).

Don't go overboard!

You're just giving them a few specifics that you really want. Trust your photographer and know that they're familiar with the park (that's why you hired them, right?) and will suggest additional great shots and locations during the shoot.

Plan on 2-3 outfit changes TOTAL – seriously, any more then that and it's a shit show. I love the idea of doing one Disney themed look, one casual yet coordinated look, and one formal look.

Keep the outfits organized and close at hand for quick changes. Honestly, the outfit changes are generally the most time-consuming and stressful part of a family photo shoot so BE PREPARED.

Know beforehand exactly who will be in what photo and when. For example, do you want a few photos of just the kids in front of the Small World Wall? Let your photographer know so that they can plan on the best time to do them during your time together.

Heads up though, your photographer is experienced so if they have a suggestion or change – go with it. They know what they're doing (again, THAT'S why you're hiring them).

Photo Courtesy of: Annie Vovan

So, any of you planning on doing a Disney park family photo shoot any time soon? Tell me all about!