DIY: Bright and Colorful Fabric Make-up Bags

Since yesterday's post was one for the mens… I've dedicated today's the purl bee post to the ladies. Specifically – the ladies in the wedding party.

They have been there for you through this whole thing. Meeting "the one", dating, engagement, picking out the dress, dieting, mom fights, everything. And you know that, at times, you were kind of a pain in the ass (admit it). So you want to give them something to say thank you.

But! your budget is microscopic and getting smaller everyday. Like, you have about $5.00 per lady. Rather than hit the dollar bins at Target – what can you possibly do? How about these?


Small make-up clutches! Every lady needs one (for home, for the office, for the gym, for traveling, for the purse…the list goes on), so you will definately be giving them something that they can use. And! if you use different fabrics, then each gal can have a truly personalized gift. Make these super inexpensively by using old clothes or leftover fabrics from your stash – then fill them with with a few dollars of carefully chosen $1.00 each E.L.F. make-up!

Click Here for step-by-step instructions.