DIY: Bright and Colorful Fabric Placecards/Escort Cards

After throughly browsing the incredible purl bee site, I have decided to just devote this entire week to some of their super cute and colorful fabric projects.

One thing that can easy turn a standard wedding into a superb wedding is the little, "something extra" details…like placecards and/or escort cards. For a sit down meal (or a buffet with assigned seating). Escort cards are used to let guests know which table they are at and, once there, placecards let them find their seat. This is just an old-school courtesy and tradition that works really well even in today's casual society.

And while placecards and escort cards are a wedding nicety…they can easily become costly. Most are engraved or professionally handwritten on fancy-schmancy paper. If your wedding is more casual or homespun, then try out these cute (or with more contemporary fabric and colors – awesome) cards:


Click Here for step-by-step instructions.