DIY: Brown Bag Favors

I found this cute little quickie project (courtesy of sarah-loo) via Flickr. And I thought to myself, how simple and pretty is that? And also…cheeeep!

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr

To do it yourself, follow these simple steps:

– Select an appropriate favor (garden bulbs, candy, jarred honey, etc.) and place each one inside a small brown lunch bag (purchase at your local grocery store).
– Fold down the top (do whatever length looks good to you and gives your favor room to "breath") and punch two holes side-by-side with a hole punch (just the plain old boring office type).
– Starting from the back thread a length of ribbon (try 5-6″ to start and use less if needed) and thread half the ribbon through one hole and half through the other. I like this one from American Crafts:
Photo Courtesy of:

– Thread the ribbon in the front through the single hole in your tag. I like these tags from everyjotandtittle:
Photo Courtesy of: everyjotandtittle

– Tie a bow.
– Arrange each bag on each guest's place setting or fill a large bowl next the guest book with them.

Tough-O-Meter: Can watch the new season of Project Runway and still make it come out cute!