DIY: Butterfly Theme Art


From Cris: Oooh, we have a good one for y'all today. A truly simple DIY project that features loads of butterflies (too cute!). Emma from over at Aphrodites Wedding Blog, wedding inspiration for brides-to-be and the wedding-obsessed, sent me this and I just had to share it with Tulle Nation!

Hello Lovely Kiss My Tulle Readers,

I am delighted to be guest posting for you guys while Cris is spending some much needed time with her family - and thought that you might like a easy but very effective DIY post!

Now, I should say that I am not a naturally arty person – my brother definitely got that gene (he is excellent at photography) and I have often thought that I am too impatient to get crafty. I thought that there might be many brides-to-be that also feel like this and feel that they can’t produce DIY touches for their weddings – so I wanted to prove them wrong.

My chosen project originates from a previous post on my blog, Aphrodites Wedding Blog, called "A Picture Tells a Thousand Words" – a post that focused on butterflies. The picture that inspired the post was made up of lots and lots of little butterflies. And I really wanted it. Really, really wanted it. Which is when I decided to make my own (below is the result). If you are thinking of a butterfly theme this could be the perfect way to decorate your table plans, placecards, and other bits-n-bobs for your big day. So, here we go…

072911 o 

To create my butterfly picture I used:

072911 a 072911 b 072911 c     

And here is how I did it (I promise you that it is really, really simple):

Step One: Using the butterfly cutters I produced lots of butterflies of varying sizes.

072911 d  

072911 e  

072911 f  

072911 g  

072911 h  

Step Two: To make some of the larger butterflies 3D I placed two butterflies together using a small amount of glue down the centre and then a sticky foam square to raise them slightly. I also used sticky foam squares for some of the medium sized butterflies so create some more layers.

072911 i  

072911 j  

072911 k  

072911 l  

072911 m  

Step Three: The smallest butterflies were used to in fill some of the gaps.

072911 n  

072911 o  

Please Note: You can also get lots of different shaped cutters (such as hearts and stars) so if butterflies aren’t your thing you could use the same techniques with those.

This picture now has pride of place on my wall - but there are lots of ways that this could be incorporated into a themed wedding. What do you think?!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and thanks to Cris for letting me guest post, all my thoughts are with you Cris!

Love, Emma (Aphrodite) x

From Cris: Thanks, Emma (Love her? Be sure to read her blog, follow her on Twitter, and Like her on Facebook!)! I freaking je adore this DIY project – it's totally something that I would do up while watching one of my many serial killer TV shows (and then display in my house afterward). How about you, Tulle Nation? How would you use this DIY in your wedding day? I'm thinking that someone out there could figure out how to make the butterflies removeable and slap some names/numbers on there to use it as an escort table! Let's hear from y'all in the comments!