DIY: Cake Decor

Okay. When it comes to weddings people go really crazy over the cake. And, on one hand, I can totally understand it. The wedding cake is such a symbol of "Hey, we're married!". It's also an important decor element, part of the menu, and a big event at the reception. So. The cake? Important. But. The cake not important enough to spend a buttload of money on. Really.

This cake is lovely. Simple but with a nice pop of color.


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The trick with recreating this cake is…store bought. Every bakery in every supermarket in the land has simple white cakes for sale everyday. Pick up 3 in descending sizes. Purchase or borrow hidden cake stands or pillars to create a teired cake (check out Amazon for lots of options). Layer the cakes and fill in the gaps between the layers with inexpensive greenry. Voila. Done and beautiful!