DIY: Candle Centerpiece

Supply List:

White pillar candles (in assorted sizes)

Pages from old books or newspapers

Ribbon or fabric (assorted sizes and colors)

Double-sided tape




Step One: Remove the packaging from the candle and save – this will be used as a template for cutting the paper trim for the candles.

Step Two: Use double-sided tape and adhere the template on to the paper.

Step Three: Cut around the template to create a stiff-backed paper trim for candle.

Step Four: Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.


Step Five: Use double-sided tape to adhere paper trim to candle.

Step Six: Trim any extra paper from candle and secure ends with double-sided tape.

Step: Seven: Tie ribbon or fabric scrap around candle and secure with a knot and/or double-sided tape.


Finish the look off with lots more paper covered candles plus old, used jars filled with white or cream roses. Remember: the paper will make these candles flammable! DO NOT LIGHT!